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♥Sunday, June 24, 2007

I was not prepared enough To fall so deep in love This is not your ordinary No ordinary love You were the first to touch my heart And everything right again with your extraordinary love From the very first time that we kissed I knew that I just couldn't let you go at all From this day on, remember this: That you're the only one that I adore Can we make this last forever This can't be a dream'Cause it feels so good to meFor all of my life you are the one, i will love you faithfully forever all of my life you are the one I'll give to you my greatest love for all of my life.You were in my heartMy love never changedI still feel the sameI wanna show you my heart is oh so trueAnd all the love I have isEspecially for youI’ve waited long enough to find youI wanna put all the hurt behind youAnd I wanna bring out the lovePlease love me I'll be yours and you'll be mine And if you'd only say you love me baby Things would really work out fineWhy is that sad look in your eyesWhy are you crying?Tell me now, tell me nowTell me, why you're feelin' this wayI hate to see you so down, oh baby!Is it your heartOh, that's breakin' all in piecesMakin' you cryMakin' you feel blueIs there anything that I can doWhy don't you tell me where it hurts now, babyAnd I'll do my best to make it betterYes, I'll do my best to make the tears all go awayJust tell me where it hurtsNow, tell meAnd I love you with a love so tenderOh and if you let me stayI'll love all of the hurt away
Where are all those tears coming fromWhy are they falling?somebody, somebody, somebody leave your heart in the coldYou just need somebody to hold on, baby(Give me a chance)To put back all the piecesTake hold of your heartMake it just like newThere's so many things that I can do


I love you ;7:12 AM