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♥Thursday, October 11, 2007

today i wake up. very happy saw ur miss call.so call u back. but u seem like nt happy, told u maybe sis on mi com, cos i toldu i slp ma on the com. maybe u feel something ok nvm . feel prepare then go meet u, happy happy can meet u le ^^ when i saw u i in mi heart i feel ok. but u nv smile to me.it ok. bought something for u to eat cos i nv buy for u be4, tot u will happy but u say i buy it for mi self to eat, maybe u r joking in the train u listen to ur music the silent n coldness make mi feel sad n hurt, am i tat bad ma? onli day we can meet is now. but y .mi tear is dropping on the way i can holding on u noe? i nv realli listen to u cos i think on something in mi mind, then i say pls say again, then u say then u say nvm don talk. the word more hurt u know? am i done wrong again? cross the road noramlly u will hold mi hand today u didnt. in the lift when i go out u will ask mi hold ur hand 1. did i done wrong again? y everything seem so diff? nw u lying on mi bed. i am now crying guess u dunno.tell mi wad should i do? i wan ur care.i don wan ur cold. =( i don want i don wnat . wo zhen de hao ai ni. maybe u see this post u will angry wif me.wo hen xin ku now. i need ur love badly i need u badly .u r mi everything. u know? hai.


I love you ;10:34 PM